Spot reduction! Is it possible or not?

March 06, 2020

So I have personally come across many people who ask me that they want to lose fat from a particular area.

Is it really possible!? For example, some want to lose fat from only belly/arms or thighs. This reduction of fat from a certain area is called as SPOT REDUCTION.

The basic concept is that body tends to store more fat when the lifestyle is sedentary or the diet has too many extra calories. The size of the fat cells increases as the calorie increases in diet. Eventually the fat starts to get deposited.

So therefore when a person begins with a diet and exercise regime, the body decreases those size of the fat cells and hence readjusts itself.

When a person continues this regime for a long duration then it leads to loss of total fat in the body and the person becomes more leaner as compared to before.

The reduction happens in the overall body, but not just in a particular area.

Spot reduction is just a myth which is followed by people to reduce the fat from a certain area of the body. A proper exercise routine with the calories being managed in a balanced way is the correct way to lose fat overall.